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We're beginning with Summer 2005 because it's relatively fresh in our minds! We were based in Krattigen above Lake Thun between Spiez and Interlaken. It was a different holiday for us in that we were used to being up in the mountains, but this time had decided that we wanted some Lake action. We were not dissapointed! We've included links to appropriate websites if you want to find out more!
By the way all the photos are clickable for a much larger image to aid your enjoyment.

The view from our balcony

Wednesday 22nd June
Yes this was Wednesday to Wednesday holiday.
Done mainly to achieve cheap air fares although finding accomodation wasn't easy. Weather was beautiful. First week very hot, and second week just a couple of very very wet days.


Niesen the pyramid mountain

Thursday 23rd June
A nice drive out down to Interlaken, up the opposite side of the lake to Beatenberg and to the animal trail at Scwanden via the fabulous enchanting Justistal. Interesting hairy drive first day!!!
Sigriswil for fabulous views of the lake, and the pyramid mountain Niesen. Lake edge road back round to Interlaken.

The Magical Animal Path from Schwanden-Tschingel-Ringoldswil.

We all love...the little yellow digger!

Rare Mufflon feeding from my hand! Amazing!

Friday 24th June

1st trip to Kandersteg. Excellent outdoor swimming except for the horseflies! Blausee, the fascinating Blue Lake with the trout, and one of our favourite's the rustic Riegelsee animal park. 

Yes this Fallow deer really was this close

Kandersteg Outdoor Swimming

The Riegelsee Animal Park

The Blue Lake(German as the English appears under construction

Oberhofen castle

Saturday 25th June

Spiez and Oberhofen Castles. Both have beautiful gardens, and contain fascinating museums. Picnic near the lovely Merligen church set up just off the road. Great views. Back to Interlaken.

Spiez Castle

Always spectacular flowers at Spiez Castle

Oberhofen Castle

Don't disturb me, I'm creating a masterpiece on a ship!

The Masterpiece!

Sunday 26th June

Parked at Spiez, boat to Thun. Back on train.

BLS Ships on the Lakes

Ibex it gets cold in winter

Engstligen flowers - Daddies lagging behind again!

Monday 27th June

Adelboden above Frutigen. Open air swimming. More flies! Cable car up to the impressive Engstligen waterfalls.

Adelboden Panorama Swimming

Engstligen waterfalls

Why not try using the brakes Liz!!

Tuesday 28th June

Grindelwald. Rodelbahn and a Pfingstegg Roeschti. Swimming at the Bodeli Interlaken.


It's a long way from the boat landing!

Wednesday 29th June

St Beatus Hohlen caves with the Kohinoor stalactite(sorry no photos allowed!) Swimming with the ducks and fish at Lido Burgseeli in between Ringgenberg Goldswil

St Beatus Caves

Rosemarie's swimming hole!

Smile Catherine! There's an RE460 coming!

Thursday 30th June

Back up to Kandersteg. Lunch trainspotting at the station.

BLS Railway

Rosemarie finds a hole in the clouds!

David and Howard Bellamy, and some other pair!

David, Liz and the Pink Panther


Friday 1st July

This tunnel goes right through the Stockhorn.

Trucker and Country Festival on Interlaken airport.
Up the Stockhorn Mountain with Rosemarie, and a very nice lunch in the new restaurant!
Back to the studio to spend the evening with David and Howard, the Bellamy Brothers!

The Stockhorn

2005 Trucker and Country Festival


The Bellamy Brothers

Mr Bellamy, I'm six guns Catherine!

Yes it really is four year old Catherine at the Festival

Saturday 2nd July

Trucker Festival Day 3!! Interlaken shopping (for trains!!) and swimming. Faulensee Artillery bunker.

Jakob's big bang!

Not exactly a herd of cows in this barn!

Faulensee Bunker

In Mendelssohn's footsteps!

The names 'boy'...Carly'boy'

Sunday 3rd July

Up the Lauterbrunnen valley and onto Schilthorn via Stechelberg, then to Isenfluh village.

Lauterbrunnen and the bell from Gsteig

Schilthorn and Piz Gloria

The girls trapped in the turret at Thun!

Monday 4th July

Thunderstorm in Thun. Visited the fascinating castle and museum.
Weather scuppered plans for the great Mike and Carlyboy helicopter flight over the Alps!!

Thun Castle

One Grand lady ..and one not so grand chap!

The legendary Hotel Olden!!

Tuesday 5th July

Gstaad to visit Hedi Donizetti, former owner of the legendary 'hotel of the stars' Hotel Olden.

Bob Zanotti's Switzerland in Sound interview with Hedi..please be patient!!


Wednesday 6th July

The Wednesday to Wednesday thing worked out really well for us giving us two great full uninterupted weekends.It was a busy but great holiday. A lake holiday is definitely on the cards again soon.

Find some high resolution photos from this holiday by clicking here.

And don't forget to listen out for memories of Summer 2005 on Radio Beo's Infotourist.

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