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and her beautiful chalet just outside Interlaken!

Rosemarie has been out and about!





GB wins in Grindy? Trunkless but still a winner!!
Well it makes change to win something!! Click for a bigger picture!


Audrey with the just finished ice carving!
Watch to see if Audrey snaps it off... the trunk I mean!

No it's not Liz and Carl.. or Mike and Rosemarie!!
A couple of BIG BUMS at the Grindelwald Annual Festival is featured on Infotourist. Listen out!




Below Potschen (Masked Figure) having fun! (I've had fun like that ... seems like a nice girl!!)











You can see the Gelmer Hydroelectric dam in the middle distance!









A shot taken by Rosemarie on it's penultimate day!
Click to enlarge!











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It used to take about 8 minutes to climb the 755 metres to Harder Kulm, Interlaken's mountain, but me thinks it will be a bit quicker in the new cabins, the second of which Rosemarie witnessed the arrival of in March 08.

Rosemarie admits to missing the arrival of the first of the two new cabins, but gopt some great photos of the second. They are to be called 'Unterseen' and 'Interlaken', after the two sections of the town.

Does this look dangerous to you??!!


Rosemaries been up in Grindelwald the World Snow Festival.

Luckilly, Audrey and Dave were there a little earlier before the trunk fell off!!
Personally I think Audrey broke it off!!!

About 4 kilometers past Frutigen on the way to Adelboden you'll find the new Hostalde Hanging Bridge over the Engstligen River. 
Click for a much bigger view!
The bridge is long...153 meters long, but only 38 meters high. It was built by Martin Wäfler and his family with financial help so they would have a direct connection to the main road on the other side of the river where there is a bus stop.  Cost: 75,000 Swiss francs. 
On the far side of the bridge near their house they have opened a small open-air bistro where they serve drinks and snacks.  We enjoyed homemade Züpfe with cheese and sausage besdies our drinks.  I have an arrow pointing to Mr. Wäfler on the shot of the bistro.



Trift - The view down!


Dramatic stuff Rosemarie!! It's on our list for Summer 2007!!


Below New Year's Eve Day - Fantastic weather! Paraglider saying hello to the Hardermanndli


January 1st -
The Hardermanndli Family at the Harder Potschete:
Hardermanndli, Harderfroueli + Harder Dwarves

Below Goldswil bellringers welcoming the new year.


Below some young spirits!!


In early November, Rosemarie took guests up the Stockhorn mountain, and as you can see from the pictures, had considerably more luck that we all did when Rosemarie and Walter took us up in Summer!! Mountain weather eh?! 

The Stockhorn cableway has its base station in Erlenbach in the Simmental. Here looking sunny and delightful... in November!

The Stockhorn cableway has its base station in Erlenbach in the Simmental and is built in two sections: Erlenbach - Chrindi and Chrindi - Stockhorn (2,190 meters). 
There is fishing in the summer in the Hinterstockensee by Chrindi and a lovely walk around the lake that takes about an hour.
Since Rosemarie showed us this lovely place in the rain, Liz has often said it's top of our 'to do' list in the sunshine!


No it's not a secret military tunnel, but as Rosemarie tells us...One of the attractions on top is the walk from the restaurant through the tunnel to the "Stockhorn Augen", the big windows, so you can see down the south side of the mountain without any effort. 
The Stockhorn cableway is now operating on its winter schedule: Wednesdays through Sundays and even in winter they have quite a few special events. 
For the ambitious, there is always the steep climb from the restaurant up to the peak.

The panorama restaurant with the lovely terrace has excellent food besides the fabulous view.  (That is if it isn't cloudy..sorry!! November!! I ask you ED)
Thanks Rosemarie!!! Wonderful photos for November ...Better than cloud!!! As usual all the gen can be got online at

A trip out of the Oberland to neighbouring Canton Valais and to the home of the Matterhorn..... Zermatt.

Rosemarie has been up the Simmental to visit Gstaad's big polo event. You can tell it's in Gstaad easily can't you. The teams Cartier (in red) and Land Rover. Final score 7 - 71/2 .

Rosemarie has taken the 'high road'   almost  2200 metres high to be precise. The Grimsel Pass has just opened for the Summer. As always 'click the pics' for a larger view.

As you can see, the weather in the Oberland was perfect for a funicular ride with the power people!

As Rosemarie said on her feature, the Gelmer Funicular, with a gradient of 106%, is the steepest funicular in the World! The breathtaking ride takes you to the picturesque Gelmer Lake, where you can take a walk around the hydro-electric dam (approx 2 hrs) or climb up to the Gelmer Hut (approx 2.5 hrs). The funicular was opened for public use in August 2001, but of course is only open from June to October. As Rosemarie says 'it's quite a thrill !!'









Above by the Handegg Restaurant of the Gelmer where you can see that after the first big hop, the tracks sort of level off until they reach the lake.  Rosemarie says  'I hardly dared to move my eyeballs on the way up!!! We were sitting in front!  Unfortunately it began to rain ( a cloud burst right over the Gilmer) so we didn't get all around the lake, but did enjoy the walk over the dam and was even able to breathe on the way down!' The Grimsel and Gelmer are on our list !!

Click for the view to Guttannen from the bridge

Rosemarie took a trip to Thun and caught up with a lady  celebrating 100 years in service(2006)... the beautiful paddle steamer Blumlisalp. Of course, with such a wonderful ship and such an important anniversary, the celebrations were going on all year.

The beautiful Blumlisalp Paddle steamer is plying her 100th year across the Lake Of Thun. Following a 2 million Swiss Franc refurbishment, Rosemarie says 'she really is a sight to see'.... and to prove it Rosemarie took her camera.
Here is Second Class... (Gosses, Parkins etc!!!) As across our site, click for a larger view.

That's SECOND class??!!! And for those who can afford Turkey with their Christmas roast potatoes... First Class Upper deck.....Fantastic!! One day Liz!! We'll be there to celebrate the exact birth date on July 31st!!! Hang out the bunting!

Talking of second class citizens, Monty Marmot's Oberland based cousins have been posing on the Harder mountain!!!

To the left, the elusive marmot trying to hide behind a blade of grass on the Harder......captured.... by Rosemarie's camera!
And next he trys to hide behind a log!!! It is a he...isn't it?

Next a sad farewell to the BLM funicular, the oldest of the mountain transportaions, which ceased operation in 2006 to be replaced by an aerial cableway from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp later in the year. Those cabins from Stechelberg were busy in the Summer of 2006!!!

The familiar scar from Lauterbrunnen to Grutschalp
Click for a larger view

Rosemarie, Walter and a bottle of bubbly went a wandering!! This time to Elsigenalp.

This is the hiking and skiing area of Frutigen.  The road up to Elsigbach is to the left at Achseten a few kilometers past Frutigen on the road to Adelboden. The road is rather narrow and steep, but there is bus service from Frutigen to Elsigbach. Then from Elsigbach there's a cable car that takes you up to Elsigenalp in a few minutes. 

Rosemarie explains 'Originally we wanted to visit the small Elsigseeli that is about a half hour's hike on a fairly good path, but uphill.  Instead we saw the man made lake that was much easier to reach. 
It was made to supply the snow machines in winter and even though it's not too big it's lovely. 
There are benches and fireplaces all around the lake and you even can go swimming in it!'
Looks like you'd not be alone swimming in the lake Rosemarie!  

The fields were still colorful with flowers.Rosemarie says 'We didn't have a flask of tea with us, but some bubbly which we enjoyed!  Unfortunately, the weather decided to cloud over, but we still enjoyed the peace and quiet.  Most of the people hiked up to the Elsigseeli where some model plane builders were flying their machines'  
On the way down we had some delicious homemade carrot cake at the Elsigbach restaurant. 
Elsigenalp is busier in winter, but it's a nice place to hike in summer, too.
Great thanks Rosemarie!!! It's on the list!

Here's Rosemarie with a wonderful day out. Don't forget to click the photos!
'Yesterday I was able to accompany a quick version of the Grosse Scheidegg roundtrip excursion arranged by Grindelwald bus. It’s a most interesting trip starting and ending in Interlaken and using the train, the post bus and possibly the boat'.
From Interlaken you take the train to Grindelwald where you change to the post bus.  The bus takes you past the Wetterhorn up to the Grosse Scheidegg.  From here you normally have a fantastic view of the mountains, but the Eiger played peek-a-boo with us.  No matter, we enjoyed the green fields with their spring flowers and the cows grazing here and there. 

From Grosse Scheidegg the bus continues down the other side to Schwarzwaldalp.  More flowers, animals and rushing creeks along the way.  At Schwarzwaldalp, besides the hotel-restaurant, there’s an old saw mill that was built in 1896 and has been put back into operation.  This photo is from another trip since we didn’t have time to stop here. 








The next stop was the Rosenlaui glacier gorge which we visited.  The walk through the gorge was fascinating, however my photos can only hint at the beauty of the gorge. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t have the time to stop at the Hotel Rosenlaui, but drove by so that my photo of this majestic old hotel is somewhat unclear.  If, however, you make this tour, you have to take the time to visit here and enjoy an excellent meal or snack.

The bus brought us back to Meiringen and from there you have your choice of the train directly to Interlaken or then changing in Brienz to the boat for Interlaken.  We took the boat and passed by Ringgenberg. 

 I couldn’t resist taking a photo of the lovely old church with the tower ruins.  They are being repaired and when the work is all finished a stairwell will be built inside so that the old tower will become a lookout!  


If you take this tour as an individual, you don’t have to hurry, but can make stops along the way to enjoy the scenery, maybe picnic or do some hiking and it can be definitely recommended.



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