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Welcome to my world.
I'm Bumble, named by my new friend Catherine. I'm glad to say it's not a case of 'Bumble by name, Bumble by nature'. I'm quite spritely on my feet.
I intend to add more to this page as time goes along so do check back!!

I live in the kitchen in a tower of different floors connected by tubes, which are great fun. I'd like to show you round... Oh sorry the place is such a mess, but I'm only small... and no hoover!


From the top down... first, my penthouse, where I can get a lofty view across the kitchen. I've a mirror behind me too, and if only my eyesight was better I could enjoy looking at myself!
Next another tube, and it's down into my nest which I have built in a little orange house. Here I stash away nuts and seeds for pigging out on later! My water is also here, nearby for when I get dry.
Down the tube to my exercise floor. Here I can stretch my muscles, and run round in my wheel.
Finally it's down to the basement.....


The lowest floor is deep with shavings and straw, which I enjoy tunnelling into, oh and catching 40 winks!!
What do I look like??!


I used to keep everyone awake at night as I went round in my wheel... it was very squeeky until Carl gave it an oil. I use it alot, the wheel not the oil, even though he did use Olive oil... yum! Oh and the family can sleep at night now! I tend not to, prefering to sleep during the day.


 Catherine likes to get me out to play with each evening when Carl comes home. He's always going on about not being too rough with me. As yet she hasn't scared me enough for me to bite! I like running around the kitchen floor, in fact I've been around every room in the house! Liz always tells Catherine to look out for my 'little offerings' as I move about. I can't help it....I'm a hamster! 

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