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Dubbed 'the Pink Panther' by Mike and Rosemarie of Radio Berner Oberland's Infotourist, here's a page dedicated to Catherine Heidi. Just how much Pink does she wear!!?



Hannah joined us last year!! Here we are at Christmas 2007

Yes Hannah has got a pair of glasses to chew.. well Dad is fed up with her stealing his!!


A little red Swiss T shirt has arrived from New York for Catherine. If you want to find out why click here and scroll down a bit!!

April 30th 2007 and  Bumble is 1 !!! .... or eight as Catherine tells me, apparently 8 years for every 1 human year!



Catherine has just released her Painted Lady butterflies, after watching them grow from tiny caterpillars. Poor things came through the post in a jar. After a week or so they turned into chrysalises and attached themselves to the top of the jar.


Time to put them into their temporary home. And after another 10 days out came four magnificent butterflies.


And after watching them for a few days, it came time to release them... but they didn't want to go, which gave Catherine the thrill of having them on her hand. Apparentely, we should be able to see them in the garden as they are supposed to stay in the vicinity! A very interesting experience!!!

An emergency is declared as the tap in the downstairs loo starts a' juddering! Quick call 'Bogs the plumbing fireman!'

Our church fete!
This is Keith our Vicar sticking his tongue out... really!! Well he was about to get wet sponges thrown at him!



Catherine is at the end.. making all the difference. Hopefully Mark won't fall backwards!


Percussionist Catherine!


I had to lift Catherine out of the cab, as the crew got an emergency call!
Mouse Catherine!!


It was a great day .. no one does 'em like St Johns!!

Catherine has got big feet hasn't she!!! It's the novelty race in her first sports day at school.



Come on Catherine's team!!


The classic egg and spoon race was  won by her team...
....as were a number of the more 'serious' races....
... but it's not the winning that matters, so her team came second  on the whole days activities!!! And it was a whole day... a hot .. no very hot... whole day. Dads and Mums sweltered along with the kids and teachers as we criss-crossed the playing fields to each event.
A great day which celebrated the idea of 'taking part'... as well as beating the hell out of the other teams!
Luckilly there was no 'mums and dads race'.... well the school can't afford the hospital bills!!

It's that time of year...
... Catherine seems to spend more of the weekends in face paint than not in it!!

Click for a bigger ahhhh!

This wee lad, or is it a lass, was one of the baby animals at Easton Farm Park which is a petting zoo near Ipswich. Of course at this time of year baby animals are a great draw. Piglets, fouls, calves, kids, chicks and ducklings were in abundance when we went for the farmer Market which is held at Easton once a month. Catherine wanted to show you a couple of images from her part of the day!


Mum gets in on the act in Thomas the Tank which trundles around the park!


From these photos you might think it was all rabbits, but they really do have a lot of animals, it's just that most of them you wouldn't want on your lap!
One of the loveliest, fluffiest, sweetest (these are Catherine's words you understand) are the ducklings!!



When Catherine was doing trampolene lessons last year she got up to Grade 4, and ever since she has been on about having a trampolene in the garden. So when a great offer at Toys R Us came up.....
.. although if you read the safety instructions about death and paralysis ( which of course you have to!) you wouldn't buy one!!!!! The safety enclosure was a must!

Below are some images and video from Catherine's winter Husky ride!

Launch in external player

Our nice pristinely carpeted garden... ruined!
But here's the result of all that snow trampling...Frosty! Oh and there's a snowman too!!



The Beo Bird takes flight!

Click for some baby and toddler pics of Pinks!

Click on the photo!

Catherine is FIVE!!! Here's a couple of photos from her birthday party with 23 class mates!!!

Our church hall and empty tables.....
... but not for long!!


Looks a bit like Mum really!!!

The girls with balloon fairy wings...
... the boys patiently waiting to be pirates with baloon swords and hats!

Rita our brilliant childrens entertainer kept the kids well entertained!! It was a special day!


Daisy (and George with his mouth open!!)

Meet George and Daisy, two dear friends that we have known for years. Actually they live just down the road at our local garden nursery, and are regularly hand fed by Catherine!! A dangerous and not exactly pleasant pastime but they do love the potatoes and apples from our garden (those that are less than perfect of course!!) By they way for the record they are Kune-Kune pigs!

Here's a blood thirsty vampire...
....and he's holding Catherine's all singing all dancing Dracula!

Here's Catherine's dancing and singing Dracula (1.75 from Tesco) and Carl fresh from our bonfire party(20.00 from Tesco!!!) If you want to hear what he sounds like, (Dracula not Carl!), click below

See Catherine's page for what Adrian produced.

Here's a man you might just be familiar with. It's Adrian, the magician and childrens entertainer that you'll find on most Stena HSS trips across the North sea from Harwich to Hoek van Holland.
He's been entertaining kids for years on the superferry, and we were suprised and happy to find him in Ipswich town centre making balloon hats for the kids.


Catherine wanted a giraffe hat, ummm due to the huge number of people milling past, I couldn't get his head in shot, the giraffe not Adrian! Mind you it's a very fetching backdrop don't you think!!! Hopeless!!

Catherine wanted to show off some of her art work from her early days!! A few bits of nursery art (early 2005 just 4) are displayed at the bottom of the page. That's also where you'll find a few of Catherine's games to try!


Catherine ready for her first day at school September 2005

'Butt Dad, it would make a great Wendy House!'


'My little pony!!'


Ain't no stopping her now!!



Some of Catherines drawings from the early part of this year in Nursery.

We think this is Mike and Rosemarie
But which one is which!?

This was Catherines first house...
.. or at least the first one we could recognise!

The first signs of name writing
and a couple of great boats!!

Coloured in on a BLS ship Stadt Thun on Lake Thun
July 2005

Hunger and malnutrition are recurrent problems in Niger, which is the poorest country in the world. The BBC were stopped in reporting but the pictures they did get were grim, so Catherine decided to write.

African little girls are sad
Written without prompt, suggestion, guide or aid... from Catherine's heart. Click to make bigger!


It's absolutely amazing but since September and entering reception the talent is really moving! Does talent move? Anyway you know what we mean! Here's an example of what we're on about. After two months in reception, she can write her name..the snail is almost real.. there are good spirals. She can now draw triangles, and eyes have pupils, she can  even manage handbags and suitcases!!

Dressed for a HAPPY HALLOWEEN,  Catherine - the wicked witch!!


Red skull

The Less wicked Witch!!

Wacky vampire


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